Dirty Power is a hard-rock trio, formed by Brendan (Guitar & Vocals) in London (UK) sometime around 2015… Now based in Dublin (IRL) and London (UK).

The band’s more obvious musical influences include alternative, punk, metal, hard rock, folk and progressive. Much of the Dirty Power sound is built on Rage Against The Machine foundations, Nirvana arrangements and topped with progressive instrumental solo sections. The independent punk / D.I.Y. -ness of many of Dirty Power’s influences feeds into the whole approach to writing, recording and performing.

The band formed for a gig. Brendan brought together some of the most capable and rocking musician buddies in the London scene (now coming together from all over Europe) to play, even though they had never met before. Demos were circulated and that performance gave rise to years of songwriting, recording and touring internationally. Those early days saw immediate support and responses from audiences, venues and more established acts, who all lent a hand in getting Dirty Power on its feet, for which we remain extremely grateful.

On the one hand, Dirty Power combines ‘iambic pentameter rhythmic derivatives’,  ‘psycho-mythological multi-entendre lyrics’ and a ‘ritualistic, simple-pleasures, beer-tent foot-stomping colloquial heartbeat’… with the ‘cosmic promise and profundity of the redemptive healing powers of music’… On the other hand, Dirty Power plays Rock, in a bunch of  different forms.

‘Fist-pumping, cathartic, mosh-pit-rock for the mind, body and soul’, might be one way to describe it… ‘Heavy rock riffs, big grooves, with tricky solos and sing-along choruses’ might be another… In any case, we dig it and hope you do too. The latest releases can always be found at www.dirty-power.com/media.

Dirty Power is also an evolving collective of musicians. So ‘who’s in the band’ can change, depending on how we want to do things. But the enduring core remains a Drums, Bass, Guitar-and-Vocals trio.

Tours, videos and recordings are happening. To follow the story, join the mailing list for free (bottom of that page), because that’s the best way to stay in the DP loop.

Get in touch by clicking here or emailing info@dirty-power.com.

dirty power playing live 2
brendan from dirty power
dirty power playing live