Dirty Power is a hard-rock trio, inspired by life and stuff. Fist-pumping, mosh-pit rock for the mind, might be a way to describe it. Heavy riffs, with big rhythms and singable choruses.

The band’s musical influences include alternative, punk, metal and modern hard rock bands. Rage Against The Machine riffs, with Nirvana arrangements and intricate instrumental sections.

Dirty Power is driven by an independent, D.I.Y. punk ethic, in everything from the writing and recording process, to the approach to touring and performing. It is also a collective of musicians, so the lineup is subject to change.

Tours, videos and recordings are happening. The way to follow the story, is to join the mailing list, because Dirty Power do everything themselves, directly. You can find us on Facebook, or get in touch by clicking here or emailing info@dirty-power.com.

dirty power playing live 2
brendan from dirty power
dirty power playing live