Dirty Power is an unstoppable, ever-evolving, cross-border-collaborating, labour of love, for fans of alternative, metal and punk. Hailing from the crossroads of the old- and new-school, this ‘modern alternative hard-rock’ trio is doing the splits, with one foot in the past, one foot in the future, and the rest straddling the present… or something… Delivering a true balance of ‘roots-driven, folk-inspired, unplugged and industri-coustic’ in 2023/24, along with their ‘fist-pumping, cathartic, mosh-pit-rock for the mind’ from 2020.

Originally testing the waters in London, in 2013, under a different name – ‘Bitter Hands Hit The Spot’ (Whatever! 😀 What’s your cool band’s perfect name?) – Dirty Power took shape in 2015 and has been at it ever since. Formed by Brendan (DB) on guitar and vocals, a revolving cast of the hardest-rocking drummers and bassists on the EU & UK scenes have joined in and out, of the tours and recording sessions at different times.

Influenced by the grooving power of Rage Against The Machine, the song arrangements of Nirvana and the solos of progressive metal bands like Dream Theater and Satriani, Dirty Power is a mix between things… and stuff… or something… And recording in mad places, like Brendan’s Pirate ancestor’s castle, on the Southwest Coast of Ireland, fuelled by local whiskey, made for a rowdy take on civilised instincts, for the latest EP ‘Gravitas’. For that, Dirty Power teamed up with RTE’s Tommy O’Sullivan (The Scratch), recruiting Dónal Bowens on drums and Noel Perry on bass, later mixed by Ben Wanders (The Scratch, Cranberries), and mastered by Aidan Cunningham (The Scratch, Hermitage Green, Wheatus, Chloe Agnew).

Previous to ‘Gravitas’, Dirty Power’s focus was their former EP ‘Notions’. Despite their touring schedule of spring / summer 2020 grinding to a halt, ‘Notions’ thrived, delivering a series of releases over the lockdown months – a success only made possible through the band’s existing independent and D.I.Y. approach.

‘Notions’ embraced a big riff-driven, high-impact approach, with five straight-ahead and raw tracks, delivering a sound to fit the most energetic of live scenes. Dirty Power held nothing back, experimenting with polyrhythms, treble-entendre lyrics and big choruses, against a simple, foot-stomping heartbeat, to bring it all together… ‘Fist-pumping, cathartic, mosh-pit-rock for the mind’, might be one way to describe it… ‘Heavy rock riffs, big grooves, with tricky solos and sing-along choruses’ might be another..

Dirty Power are driven by an independent, D.I.Y. punk ethic in everything from the writing, recording and release process, to approaching performing and touring. So, because algorithms cause havoc, demanding that we pay to reach even the people who have followed us, and they change how we have to use their platform so often, the simple way to get you the demos, songs, videos and behind-the-scenes stories, as soon as they’re ready, is to join the email list. I know – no one wants to join an email list. But unless someone invents something actually better, it’s the best we’ve got. So please sign up at dirty-power.com – If you like this kind of music and are interested, we want to link up and can’t wait to share what we’ve been doing.

Dirty Power’s discography, mailing list, and latest releases can always be found at www.dirty-power.com

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